Internship Supervision and Appraisal System


Quality Education being fundamental to the growth of any economy needs great reforms. It needs reforms on all fronts, whether it’s Curriculum, Research, Examinations, Teachers Training or Students skills enhancement.

Industry interaction is one of the most important requisite for the students looking to start their professional journey. The big industry – Academia Gap could be filled with a quality internship. The quality Summer Internship Project is one of the important parts of the curriculum where students could get hands on some experience. A transparent model is the need of the hour where all stakeholders could supervise and monitor the progress of student’s summer internship. That will change the student’s mindset and also will enhance the brand value of the institute. Students will work hard on their summer projects and there will be no embarrassment in viva.

INSAAS (Internship Supervision and Appraisal System) is a transparent and productive method of executingInternship. Right from deciding the topic of the project till submission of the final project and conducting VIVA, all stakeholders including Student, Faculty Mentor, Industry Mentor, Head of the Institution and other will be connected with each other to supervise and monitor. At MENTit, We have made this entire process quite easy and the same can be done by sitting at your laptop or mobile device.

The implementation of INSAAS will eliminate the scope of Plagiarism and student’s employability skills will get improved. With INSAAS (Internship Supervision and Appraisal System), we are ready to eliminate the evils of plagiarism and we aim to bring transparency in the execution of Summer Internship and Research Publications.

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