Following are the unique advantages for the Students, Faculty, Institutions and the economy in general, associated with Structured “Internship Supervision and Appraisal System (INSAAS) @MENTit -

Improvement of Critical Analytical Thinking (CAT) of the students as they will have to think deeply to do the project.

Improvement of the Writing skills of the students as they will have to type everything on the dashboard.

Improvement of English Grammar of the students, as they will have to write their project themselves online

Enhancement of Core knowledge of the subject as they will have to do in-depth study while writing the project

Improvement of Analytical skills as students will have to do an analysis of the collected data

Faculty development as they will have to go deep into the subject and will require supervising and guiding of the students on continuous basis.

Enhancement of the student’s employability skills as they will require doing a lot of things originally.

Protection of environment as there will be less requirement of printing of the project at every stage.

Improving the brand value of the institute and the university as there will be a quality enhancement in the submitted projects.

Value addition to the research as the projects already done could be shared globally at the click of the mouse.

Reinstating the lost trust of the industry as the industry will get some valuable recommendation from the students after the completion of the project.

No need for the Faculty Mentor to visit physically the internship place of the students as there shall be continuous feedback by the industry Mentors at the click of the mouse.

No embarrassment to the faculty at the time of the VIVA as students would have complete knowledge of the project while presenting it to the faculty and many more.

Mentorship Description and need of the mentorship in everyone's life.